About Us


‘Belly Biting’ is a Business organisation that aims to position small businesses strategically for success in the food/ beverage, trade, promotional, auto, marine, real estate, agricultural, educational, health, beauty, entertainment, art, technology, public service and any other industry in Trinidad and Tobago. Introducing the Belly Biting App. Created by Kern Pierre, the BB App is an app that categorizes, advertises and markets the aforementioned small businesses according to:

  • Location
  • Products/ Services (menu board and pics included)
  • Operational status (opened or closed)

These allow users to know where they can get ‘corn soup’ at ‘3 a.m.’, on a public holiday and at what price or ‘roti’ at 10:00 p.m. or ‘fruits’ at 5:00 a.m. from participating vendors.

These also allow users to know where they could find a mechanic within their vicinity to get out of a ‘jam’. Everyone is always looking for something…a Math lessons tutor, a landscaper, a caterer, a computer technician or a place to rent. Anyone and any small business who wants the exposure and to be seen for the lowest advertising rate in the country can be on the BB App.

Individuals can turn their ‘side hussle’ into a SUCCESSFUL BUSINESS.

A cellular phone is the best way of getting information and advertising in Trinidad & Tobago. That’s because over ONE MILLION of them exist in our small twin island. Our very own BB App uses this medium and the cool features that come with it to ensure that our clients get more exposure than the bigger organisations. Join this innovative way of advertising that is cheap and comes with loads of benefits. Join the BB Movement!